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Mostly is linked to an allergy


It cant be linked to an allergy

Most frequent cases are dued to virus ( herpes,Covid..)

Late Edema appearing 7-10 days after procedure.

late edema peanut allergy

Late edema  ( 7-10 days after procedure)
Late edema is dued mostly to peanuts allergy.

  • Frequency : Allergy to peanuts is known among 2% of Asians.
  • Symptomatology : Itching as swollen treated areas may happen 7 to 10 days after the last endopeel session.
  • Evolution : in general it can take 3-4 days to a max of 1 week , without treatment.
  • Treatment : - Antihistaminics per os ( Corticoids IV in case of huge allergic reaction)
  • Recommandations : It is better not to treat patients with antecedents of asthma,quincke edema, allergic rashes,allergy to penicillin , allergy to lidocain, food allergy .
  • In case of suspicion : We recommend to make an intra dermo or IDR to the anterior face of the forearm , doing a papula with 0.1 ml of Endopeels main product (peanuts oil acid mixed with phenic acid ).Wait then 7 to 10 days. In case of redness, itching or swollen area, do not treat the patient.

Differential Diagnosis

with Covid19 Edema

covid 19 late edema resistant to corticoids

The Covid19 Edema appeared at the beginning of the Covid19 infection, 1 month after Endopeel session on patient treated since 20 years without any problems and apparently healthy.
Such edema was resistant to corticoids as antihistaminics and disappeared in max 5 days after treatment using virostatics (Acyclovir)

With Edema linked to infraclinical herpes

edema linked with herpes labialis

A patient used to aesthetic treatments without problems since many years got edema 10 days after last endopeel session , not decreasing with antihistaminics, corticoids or their association for 2- 3 weeks .
She got fever, some itching, and felt tired.
We thought that such symptoms were linked to the Covid19 until we discovered that a herpes labialis began to appear .
The treatment with Aciclovir was effective and the edema decreased rapidly

You can see easily the herpes on the lower lip.