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Side Effects & Complications

  • All of them are REVERSIBLE
  • with a maximum duration ( 2 cases in 23 years) of 1 month for an edema.
  • None lawsuit is at our knowledge and that worldwide against a physician using Endopeel and working exclusively with Original Products
  • Not trained physicians using Endopeel wont get results or low results.

Of course deaths and irreversible complications appear with practicioners buying copies from Argentina or Turkey.

side effects
Allergy to Arachides

As the injected product contains arachis oil, any good containing arachides 2 weeks before the procedure and/or 4 weeks after procedure may lead to  typical clinical allergy symptoms , only in case of face treatment.

For body treatments, till nowadays no allergy has been related .

Side Effects

Frequent Complications

from 30 to 50%

Infrequent Complications

from 10 to 30%

Rare Complications


Extremely Rare Complications