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Early Swelling

facial swelling

Endopeel Early Edema

Endopeel Early Edema is the results of single or many factors.It affects mostly the face.

Patients Factors

Theorically all patients which have no contra- indications can be included.
But -heavy smokers as
-alcoholics need to be well informed that they will get more easily edema.
It is then recommended for each facial session ( no need for the body) to prescribe to those patients Corticoids per os 25 mg / day for 3 consecutive days and to begin 1 hour before the procedure .

Material Factors

-Never desinfect with alcoholic or acetonic agents
-Never desinfect with products which contain Iode ( we strongly recommend chlorexidin without alcohol, citric acid or lemon juice, as Aseptiderm )
-Never use needles which are not flexible.( Actually the most flexible ones are from BD. ( Carbolic acid going through any needle makes it harder, easily breakable and less flexible- In such case such ,, not adapted,, needles provoke a long lasting edema .
-PerOp as PostOp care are too very important: patient need to use a skins cooler , especially adapted for per and post endopeel care to avoid more edema . Such skins cooler is called Rose Du Desert.

Other cosmetics else than Rose du Desert have not resolved the problema of edema but may have provoked a longer duration of this early edema up to 2 weeks !


Technical Factors

-A subcutaneous injection ( face ) lead to a longer duration of the endopeel effect but with more edema. That is why it is recommended for the first 3 sessions to inject only in the muscles ( facial treatment).then from 4 th session you may alternate IM and SC injections to increase the effect duration.
-After each injection, you need to remove the needle/ syringe quickly.A slow removal traumatize the tissues and provoke edema.
-Change the needle ( which ned to be flexible) for each 1 ml syringe or more ( if it is hard to inject) . An unflexible needle lead always to edema.
-Concerning the face : Never inject for the first 3 sessions the superficial muscles . We recommend strongly not to treat the forehead, eyebrow,periocular as perioral area for the first 3 sessions. You may begin from the 4 th session.
- During the procedure, massage with Rose du Desert of the treated areas are obligatory to avoid edema.

Post Operative Factors

-It is recommended not to smoke 3 days before and 2 days after treatment in case of smokers patients.
-Patient should not drink alcoholics ( even beers) 1 day before and 1 day after
- Hot beverages ( coffee, tea,..) are forbidden 24 hours after the procedure
- Hot dishes are forbidden 24 hours after the procedure
- Sun exposure as hot ambiance ( beach, sauna ) is forbidden 24 hours after procedure
- In case of persisting edema after 24 hours, hot ambiance as sun exposure are not recommended.