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Most Sunscreens are not recommended to use at least 2 weeks after Endopeel Face Treatment

most of sunscreens contain alcohol and/or arachides.
There are two types of alcohol used in many cosmetics – soncalled ,,safe fatty alcohol ,,and harmful low-molecule alcohol. Even the use of so called ,,safe ones,,  like - cetyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol and only in very low doses can provoke skin damages.
Cetyl and cetearyl are both derived from coconut and are fatty alcohols.
Coconut is a cosmetic ingredient which should never been used at least 2 weeks after a face endopeel session.
  1. Sunscreens protect our skin from sun damage. However it can also cause skin problems.
  2. Besides being sold commercially as sun-blocking agents, they are also incorporated into numerous cosmetic products, like lipsticks and facial foundation.
  3. Sunscreens can cause irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis and also photo-allergic contact dermatitis. Photo-allergic dermatitis differs from allergic contact dermatitis, as the rash occurs only after the skin comes into direct exposure with the combination of the allergic substance and sunlight.
  4. All chemical sunscreens have the potential of causing photo-allergic dermatitis. Physical sunscreen, like titanium dioxide, does not cause this problem.

Source :Dr Christophe HSU – dermatologist. Geneva, Switzerland

National Skin Centre. Singapore

Coconut Oil Ingredient is not recommended as has to be avoided 

coconut oil