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Burning Sensation & Pain

Are mostly in relation with malpractise or unknowledge


Yoou should always read carefully the list of ingredients in any product used before, during and after the procedure .

If any ingredient finishes with the suffix - ol , it means that an alcohol is present an you should never use such a product.

most of these contain alcohols

products for cleaning or disinfecting the skin


sanitizers,wipes,gels,skincleansers can contain alcohol.

We do recommend chlorexhydine without alcohol or skin cleansers which contain only lemon acid or citric acid.

most of these contain alcohols

anaesthetic creams or gels

lidocaine anaesthetic

Most anaesthetic creams or gels contain lidocaine but unfortunately mixed with alcohol.

Alcohol with lidocaine can create a painful reaction during as after the procedure and even skin pathology after.

For pusillanime patients, we have 2 solutions :
- to inject propofol IV
- to use our anaesthetic lipogel without alcohol

most of these contain alcohols

cosmetics or cosmeceuticals after the procedure

  • 99% of cosmetics, cosmeceutics as sunscreens contain alcohols.
  • That s why they have to be avoided at least 15 days before and 1 month after the procedure.
needles for injections
poor material selection is also a major cause of pain

Hard Needle or Not Enough Flexible

  • Most needles arent flexible and provoke pain at the moment and after injection.
  • But you should remember too that each time phenic acid goes through a needle, it makes it harder. Therefore change of needle immediately if the patient feels any pain at injection.
  • The BD needles are less flexible and harder than some years ago.
  • The Mesorelle Needles from Italy are quite good
  • The Japanese Needles are mostly of highest quality 

Needle with big caliber

  • for face, use needles 30g1/2 
  • for body, use needles 27g or 25g max

Bad Technics

  • Each time you remove or take off the needle with its syringe, it should be done quickly in one shot to avoid pain and bruising.