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Muscles Depth

muscles depth

When treating the face with Endopeel Techniques, it is absolutely recommended to avoid edema, to treat during the first 3 sessions only the deep and medium deep muscles and not to treat the superficial muscles.
That is why during the first 3 sessions, treat only medium third and lower third of the face but don t treat the upper third, the periocular as perioral areas.

To avoid edema during the first 3 sessions, it is recommended to give 25mg/day/ os per 3 consecutive days of prednisolone to the patient.
From 4 th session, if you treat the medium and lower third of the face,edema mostly don t appear any more and prednisolone is not any more in such cases useful.
But if you treat the superficial muscles like in the upper third of the face, and the perioral as periocular wrinke, do it only from 4 th session and always using prednisolone to avoid big edema.
Patients who got many sessions of Endopeel dont need any more prednisolone as they will get mostly no more edema, except in case of bad techniques and bad choice of material.