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The Cytokines


can explain the big edema linked to Covid19

At the beginning of the crisis of Covid19, patients who have been treated with Endopeel, just for the face,had mostly bilateral edema with one predominant side or just on one single side , mostly taking the medium and lower thirds of the face.

What retained our attention was the duration as the time between the last session of Endopeel treatment and the facial edema.

The duration was from 2 to 3 weeks even under corticotherapy with or without anti histaminics.
The beginning of such edema was mostly like 1 month after the treatment .

We understood that such edema was not correlated with Endopeel but we did some researches.

Such kind of edema never appeared before on patients beeing frequently treated with Endopeel since 20 years.

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How to explain such facial Covid19 edema


  • Just a facial edema in mid third and/or lower third of the face appearing 1 month after last endopeel session with a duration of around 2- 3 weeks, even under corticotherapy.
  • Tiredness is mostly associated
  • herpes labialis appeared in some cases
  • Fever or Sensation of Fever is mostly associated

acute disease in apparently healthy individuals

      We do consider such symptoms like an acute disease linked to the Covid19.
      because :
  • the main ingredient of Endopeel is bacteriostatic and even bactericide ( phenic acid)
  • And in such case a fever or just the sensation of fever leads us towards a viral infection.
  • Individuals asking Endopeel Treatments are mostly apparently healthy,

the answer may well lie within our immune system

and more specifically in how it responds to infections.

The Covid19 generates a cytokines storm

  • namely the massive release of molecules involved in the control of immunity.
  • explaining this form of hyperinflammation ( edema).


The cascade of deleterious effects

Essential agents of the immune system, cytokines (whose family includes interferons and interleukins, among others) are used in particular

  • to inhibit viral replication in infected cells,
  • to ensure the exchange of information between white blood cells,
  • or to stimulate production cells of the blood system.

If the cytokines, as well as the inflammatory reaction which they produce, are essential to the good response of the immune system against a pathogenic agent, the problem arises when these are secreted in too large quantities, preventing any neutralization mechanism

This runaway immune system can then cause a cascade of deleterious effects, such as edema, fever etc ...

Moreover, it should be known that we are not all equal vis-a-vis a pathogenic agent, as regards the manifestation of the symptoms as by our capacity to eliminate an infectious agent.

This explains that patients will react differently.

There is a high variability in the immune response of healthy people, determined, at least in part, by genetic differences.


What we did

  • Valaciclovir  or Acyclovir is a virostatic used also to treat herpes.

  • Paracetamol only in case of fever

  • Acetonide of Triamcinolone in rare cases 

The edema disappeared 2-5 days completely after our treatment.

what we propose

  • Hydroxychloroquine is used in some chronic inflammatory diseases

  • Remdesiviris is a broad spectrum antiviral

  • Ritonavir-Lopinavir associated or not at the interferon is still subject to some studies

We could not till now experiment this treatment as we stopped worldwide any endopeel treatment when the pandemia was declared .
Anyway any antiaging or aesthetic medicine treatment is not recommended during any pandemia if not forbidden.

Monolateral Left Cheek Edema without Treatment

Monolateral Left Cheek Edema without Treatment

Patient male >65 years old had Endopeel Treatment one month before this picture was taken and used Endopeel since 20 years  without any problems.He had some fever ,a dry cough .

Those symptoms disappeared as the edema with Paracetamol + Triamcinolone ( patient was informed about corticosteroids)  in 4-5 days.

The patient didnt get any Covid19 Test but it seems that those symptoms were linked to the Covid19 with a high probability.

antonio frontface
antonio 3/4