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Interesting case demonstrating that has been used PHENOL instead of CARBOLIC ACID.
A colombian patient wrote to me yesterday without sending pictures
please read carefully her writings and my comments below . If you have any comments, they are more than welcome.

PATIENT wrote :
1-Hello, I am a 26 year old woman who decided to do endopeel injections in Colombia for butt argumentation. 
2-I had the first injections done in January and in February I had a small refill. 
3-During the second procedure I had some type of complication. My left buttock was pinching and hurting. 
4-After the procedure I started to feel nauseous and felt my left leg numb. The doctor who did the procedure injected me with anticoagulants every 12 hours for 4 days. After that, symptoms went away, but now recently I have been having some pain on the left buttock, pinching & numbness.
5- I would like to know what can be the cause of it and how can I fix it. 
6-I also want to know if endopeel is at any time absorbed by the body and if the body ever eliminates it. If so how long does it take the body to eliminate it. Also I want to know, If the body doesn't eliminate it, how can I get rid of it and if endopeel is dangerous for health and toxicity. 
7-Are there any risks for pregnancy complications after my endopeel procedure?
Waiting on your response.


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